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DroidGamers Double Daily Deal: OSTraining Development Courses Lifetime Subscription and more

It is time for another DroidGamers Daily Deal but unlike our usual day-to-day deal posting, today is a double deal day. This is when there are two deals we will end up posting about, but instead of doing two separate posts, we just combine it into one, because why not. Today’s two deals are actually pretty stellar, at least the lifetime subscription to OSTraining Development Courses is definitely a good one.

Game News

Google increases the max pricing limit for apps and games on Google Play

Up until today anyone who publishes an Android game or application onto Google Play had a limit as to how high of a price they could charge. If you’ve been using Android since it was released, you may remember a long time ago a few applications popping up that were ridiculously priced, ranging from $99-$200. We’re not sure what happened to those but we do know the average pricing of apps and games on Google Play is between $0-$5, with a decent amount being $5+ but rarely over $10. Square Enix, of course, is one of those exceptions to the rule, with games regularly priced at $10-$15.

Game News

Nintendo has a job opening for a Mobile Games Developer position

Looks like Nintendo is starting to go full swing into their plans to bring some of their franchises to mobile devices soon as the company has posted a new job listing for a Mobile Games Developer position. Thanks to an agreement between Nintendo and DeNA, we will soon be getting some Nintendo franchises to play on our Android devices. Although, if you’ve been following our coverage about the whole partnership, Nintendo hasn’t really revealed what games will be coming to mobile, nor have they mentioned what franchises those will end up being a part of.

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So you want your game on Amazon’s Underground? Here is what you need to know.

Yesterday Amazon killed their Free App of the Day program to replace it with something called Amazon Underground. This is a new service, complete with its own application, where any application or game for Android can be placed into and offered to consumers completely for free. No IAPs, no download costs, no fees, nothing. Why? Because developers will be paid based on their app’s usage.