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Razer steps up and offers developers with games on Ouya a new deal

Yesterday we reported on the fact that Ouya basically owes a decent amount of developers a fair amount of money from their Free The Games fund. Because of the deal that went through with Ouya being bought out by Razer, a lot of those developers who qualified for that million dollar fund would not be getting their money. Well that was the case but now things have changed thanks to Razer stepping up to the plate, offering developers a new deal.

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The Ouya Saga continues. Indie developers in trouble as Ouya backs out of $1 million fund

Well if the Ouya saga hasn’t been interesting enough for you as of late, today’s news will certainly get your interested and quite possibly not in a good way. After Razer confirmed that the purchase of the Ouya company, mainly the software and the development team, news is now out that the company is backing out of their promised $1 million fund for indie developers.

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The developer of Castle Defense Bribing Players for Five Star Reviews

When gamers are vetting their options for new games, the guiding factor common in the decision making process is how much value a game offers. In seeking an answer to the question of whether or not a game offers a great value, reviews are often a useful metric. User reviews in particular have increased in popularity over the years, so much so that no popular online platform is without a section devoted to consumer feedback for products and services. Consequently, this means that word of mouth diffuses expeditiously and can adversely affect public reception of a product very early on. Content producers are very aware of this fact and many have been caught engaging in all manner of unethical behavior, from deleting negative comments about their products, to banning users from games and services.

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The Big Indie Pitch is coming and will be at GDC 2015. Pitch your game, get judged, and possibly win prizes!

Steel Media regularly holds indie Pitch events throughout the year. These are events where developers can pitch a game they are currently developing, to a panel of judges. If you are in the top three then you win various prizes that are meant to help you out with your game’s launch. However, a few times a year there are also Big Indie Pitch events and these are much bigger versions of the regular indie pitches. This means the prizes are also bigger.