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[Update Released] Gamevil’s Dungeon Link will be getting a big update on October 19th

Gamevil has released details regarding their next update for their Puzzle-RPG title Dungeon Link. This update will open up one new zone at least, add a few new story heroes, and also feature plenty of game balancing tweak. Another much requested feature that is being added is the ability to use multiple heroes in multiple attempts to enhance your hero to +5, but doing it all at once instead of individually.

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Zenonia S: Rifts in Time soft launches onto Google Play in select regions

After a few closed beta rounds of testing, and tweaks to the game between those rounds, Gamevil has finally soft launched Zenonia S onto Google Play today. This also marks the first time the game has been called by its official name in full, which is Zenonia S: Rifts in Time. If you have been following our coverage of this game, you’ll also know that this was originally launched as Zenonia Online for KakaoTalk in Korea, but has been changed to Zenonia S for its global title.

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Gamevil soft launches Dragon Blaze on Android in 13 countries

While Com2uS announces the global release for one of their games today, Gamevil has announced the soft launch for one of theirs. Originally we reported on this game coming to Android back during the end of March 2015 and now the soft launch for Dragon Blaze has finally gone live. With the soft launch happening right now, this means that Dragon Blaze is still on target for a mid-May 2015 release.