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Why Mortal Kombat X for mobile is a decent game but could have been a fantastic one

One of the most anticipated games this year for mobile, and mainly all video game platforms, was Mortal Kombat X. While the game was supposed to be released around the same time as the iOS version, the Android version ended up being weeks late over every other platform the game was released on. We may never know the real reason this happened but now that the game has been out for roughly a week or so globally, everyone has had a chance to play it. What could have ended up as a barrier breaking fantastic game actually ended up being a decent game when you need to kill some time.


Why Duke Nukem 3D Is A Good Thing

After ten years in development hell the world was graced with Duke Nukem Forever. It was a misogynistic, racist, and pedantic sub-par shooter that made critics wonder what the wait was for. The criticism of Duke Nukem Forever is a fantastic reflection of how much our culture has matured over the years. Violence against women is no longer a taboo subject relegated only to feminists and those brave enough to speak out against it. We’ve come a long way baby!


“Free with IAPs” – Why it’s bad for mobile gaming

So I’ve had this on my chest for a long time, and I think it’s time I unload. I’m not convinced everyone will agree with me, but hear me out. I think Android gaming has problem with the number of games that are offered for free with IAPs, though I *suspect* iOS does as well (See here). And I want to say this at the outset: I don’t hate all IAPs. Paying a set amount once to unlock full content (gaming or otherwise) is just fine me with, as is a running subscription (Netflix, MLB At Bat, etc). My objection comes from how many games are attempting to monetize by applying scammy IAPs, and it’s out of control.


The Fall of Sonic: Sega’s Last Breath – Part 1

Young readers might wonder why the internet is filled with so much lament over the fallen blue hero. Sonic The Hedgehog has become the mascot equivalent of Val Kilmer, depressing us with his bloated antics. Dozens of failed games, countless reboots, and now the Sonic Boom atrocity have all but killed this once great franchise. Sega has even announced they’ll no longer be making console games and be focusing only on mobile and PC markets.


[Updated] If mobile gaming broke into eSports, what Android game would you like to see played?

Here at DroidGamers we are always looking to do different and unique things with Android gaming. We’ve ran our own competitions already and there have been a few instances in the past where other companies have ran their own as well including Major League Gaming. However, if Android gaming were to actually break into the eSports scene on a more serious level, it would be interesting to see what games people would like to be able to compete in.


Poll: What are your thoughts about Google+ Profiles being mandatory for leaving reviews?

Earlier this week, Google quietly introduced a pretty big change in the way we leave reviews on the Play Store. No longer are we able to anonymously post reviews – we must now do so using our Google+ profiles, with our full name and photo on display for the whole world to see (this has not been rolled to all Android devices though just yet, but the web version already requires your Google+ profile).

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Editorial: Infinity Blade developers talk about why the series won’t come to Android and why we think it’s nonsense

Phandroid just posted an article where the developers of the Infinity Blade title for iOS and the upcoming sequel, Infinity Blade 2, talk about Android and why the series won’t come to Android, at least for now citing piracy issues as the only real reason. While piracy happens everywhere, we believe there is more to this than simple piracy concerns.