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C4M and En Masse Entertainment’s upcoming RTS game called Battleplans will finally get released soon onto Android

If you follow the gaming industry at all, then you probably know who En Masse Entertainment is. Originally publishing PC MMORPGs and other types of games for PC and consoles, they recently jumped into the mobile gaming scene as well, already having published a couple of games already. Well En Masse Entertainment has announced that they will be publishing C4M’s new real-time strategy game soon called Battleplans. We actually reported on this back in November 2015, but didn’t have much in the way of a release time frame.

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Battlestation: Harbinger gets part 1 of its Extended Edition update and goes on sale

Bugbyte released their Battlestation: Harbinger title onto Android in the Fall of last year. Shortly after its release, the developers started up a Kickstarter campaign to development a huge content expansion for their game, making it into an ‘Extended Edition’ as they are calling it. Well that campaign was a success and part 1 of this massive content update arrived earlier this month.

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Fend off the Ice Queen’s invasion in Nords: Heroes of the North, now out for Android

Released by Plarium, has announced that Nords: Heroes of the North is now out for Android. Set in the world of Shingård players will need to defend their land against the evil Ice Queen. You will be looking to match the Ice Queen, army for army, with hers being comprised of undead that are bent on conquest. Your army will be containing the disparate Elves, Dragons, Northmen and Orcs, who are only united to stop the Ice Queen.

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History in the Making: The Return of Nobunaga’s Ambition with Sphere of Influence on GeForce Now

Now available to stream on Nvidia Shield via GeForce Now, Koei Tecmo’s Nobunaga’s Ambition: Sphere of Influence places you in the role of a daimyo (feudal lord) – of 16th century Japan – whose ambition is to conquer rival lords and unite the country as a whole. The Nobunaga of the title refers to Oda Nobunaga, a real historical figure whose lifetime spent in military conquest saw him unifying a full third of Japan before his death and his conquests laid the foundations for the eventual unification of the entire country.

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Celebrate Singapore’s independence with the newest weekly Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle, the-pay-whatever-you-want-to-get-DRM-free-games-and-support-charity-while-you’re-at-it service that sells said games in a variety of different bundles; holiday themes, monthly, and so on. In Humble’s newest Weekly bundle, there’s a mix of games that they’ve cobbled together to celebrate the 50th year of Singapore’s independence. Both the bundle for this week, as well as its charities, are salient to Singapore.