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Nvidia is giving away five free Lunchboxes for playing Fallout Shelter on the Shield Tablet K1

If you own one of Nvidia’s newly released Shield Tablet K1 units, and you saw yesterday’s news of the Marshmallow update arriving for that particular tablet, then you are probably aware that Fallout Shelter arrived with this particular update. Now that you have this game installed on your tablet, Nvidia is giving away some in-game goodies for Fallout Shelter players using the Shield K1 tablet.


Arcade-Style Puzzler Pix the Cat launches onto Nvidia Shield devices

Now available on Nvidia Shield devices, Pix the Cat is a mash-up between two old school classics, Snake and Pac-Man. Each single screen level contains a number of eggs and a corresponding number of target spaces. Each time Pix grabs an egg, it turns into a duckling that then proceeds to follow Pix around the level. Collect more eggs and your tail of ducklings gets longer and longer… so long, in fact, that eventually you have to be wary of hitting your own ducks and receiving a penalty.


Nvidia issues a voluntary recall of Shield Tablets due to battery overheating risks

Interesting news this morning from Nvidia as the company has issues a voluntary recall for their Shield Tablets. A voluntary recall is just as it sounds, you don’t have to send your tablet into Nvidia to get replaced, but by not doing so you take responsibility of future risks. So why the recall? Well it is apparently due to the tablet running the risk of having its battery overheating, posing a fire hazard.