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Remote Play Port brings Playstation Remote Play to non-Xperia Android phones

Sony’s Playstation Remote Play is a handy little service for Playstation owners but it requires certain Xperia model Android devices. This leaves a lot of people out in the dark when it comes to using Playstation Remote Play because they don’t own the correct Android device. It sucks because if you want to use the service, you are basically forced into buying an Xperia Android phone. However there is an unofficial app available that will allow you to use Playstation Remote Play on non-Xperia Android phones.

Game News

Gun Commando and Mononoke Slashdown free this week on Playstation Mobile

Sony is continuing with their big promotion that they have going on for the next few weeks where every week two games on Playstation Mobile will be available for free. Last week it happened to be the cool minimalistic RTS game Rymdkapsel and the arcade game Passing Time. This week anyone with a Playstation Certified device will be able to pick up Gun Commando and Mononoke Slashdown off of the Playstation Mobile Store for free.