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Android Gaming Headlines: Magic: The Gathering Arena, Minecraft Earth, Disgaea RPG, and More

Looking forward to 2021 became a global pastime last year, as various natural, medical, and political disasters turned 2020 into the undisputed Worst Year on Record.

If this week’s roundup of highly encouraging Android gaming headlines is anything to go by, our hopes were well-founded.

Don’t write in. We’re not being serious. But it’s nice to have a few things to look forward to on our own little portable gaming patch, including a cross-platform Magic: The Gathering Arena, a mobile SpongeBob port, and Disgaea RPG.

To read about the best new Android games and updates of the week. check out the Saturday companion to this article.


Magic: The Gathering Arena Mobile Is Coming to Android Later This Month with Cross-Platform Support

Magic: The Gathering Arena, the digital take on Wizards of the Coast’s hugely successful card-battler. is already out on PC, where it has earned plaudits for its slick interface and faithful gameplay. A early access version is coming to Android this month, offering cross-platform play. The full version will follow later this year.

COVID-19 Tweaks Pay Off as Pokemon GO Revenue Hits Record-Breaking $1.92 Billion in 2020

Niantic was probably quite nervous when a global pandemic threatened to prevent Pokemon GO’s players from walking around outside and socializing – the very activities the game is built around. Fortunately, the studio discovered, following a few emergency tweaks, that players were more than happy to forgo exercise and company.

Garena Announces Free Fire x One-Punch Man Crossover Event, Starting on January 10th

The latest crossover event in Garena’s popular battle royale shooter involves One-Punch Man. It’s starts today, and sees you taking part in the Hero Trial, earning skins, costumes, easter eggs, and more in the process. The event comes with its own special interface, and features two characters – Saitama and Genos – from the One-Punch Man franchise.

Knightin+, the ‘Zelda-lite’ Adventure, Is Coming to Mobile via Publisher Crescent Moon Games

Crescent Moon Games, purveyor of mostly excellent indie games on mobile, has revealed that it will publish Knightin+ on Android this year. The game is a stripped-back take on Zelda’s dunceons, and it boasts adorable pixel-art visuals and streamlined gameplay. The very things that people criticized it for on PC – simplicity, short playing time – make it a potentially great fit on mobile.

Mojang Adds a Ton of New Minecraft Earth Mobs, Reduces Crafting Times, Announces Closure in June

Minecraft Earth is no more – or at least, it will be from June. Unlike Pokemon GO, it wasn’t able to ride out COVID, and so Mojang has decided to withdraw support. The game is going out with a bang, however, with the removal of real-money transactions and the addition of all the mobs that were previously in the pipeline.

Check Out the Concept Video for Binary Gods, Rayark’s Next Game

Rayark is best known for rhythm-action games like Deemo and Cytus. But it’s also a dab hand at other genres. Its latest game, MO: Astra, even made it into our list of the best Android action games of 2020. Very little is known about Binary Gods at this stage, but it looks like a very slick, chunky action game in which you play as a lady robot.

HandyGames Is Bringing SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom to Mobile This Month

Originally released in 2003, SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom is an action platformer that fared poorly at the time, but went on to build a cult following. A remastered version came to PC last year, and that same version is coming to mobile this month courtesy of HandyGames. The gameplay sees you killing robots. Surely the water should do that?

Com2uS Makes Fantasy Golf Game Birdie Crush Available for Pre-Registration on Mobile

There are lots of twists on golf available on the Google Play Store. This is one of the more conventional ones, offering up accessible golf action in a bubbly anime package with magical elements and live global multiplayer. You can pre-register for it right now.

Disgaea RPG’s Android Closed Beta Begins in Select Territories Tomorrow

Disgaea RPG has been available in Japan for quite some time, and it’s finally on the verge of getting a global launch. A closed beta has gone live in four geographically diverse territories – Canada, Australia, Brazil, and the Philippines. There’s no release date, but you can expect to be playing Disgaea RPG on your phone in 2021.

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