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The Little Fox Review: Thank you Mario! But our Prince is on another world…

Let me start by saying first of all, without a doubt, this has to be the cutest android game of 2016. Secondly, don’t for a second let the cuteness fool you. Because if you do, you will be watching ads until the next morning. This game is deceptively tough.  Like any highly addictive drug, it perfectly skirts the line between frustration and “just one more.” Call me a glutton for punishment but i think, at the end of a crazy year, I have just found my new favorite game.


Calorie Consuming Clicker Gotta Eat Them All Now Available on Android

The goal of Animoca Brands’ bizarre new clicker game is to fill the glutinous Leon’s gullet in a search for salivary satisfaction.  Players need to help Leon’s Holiday mission by tapping as fast as possible to gorge on as much culinary cuisine as possible in order to gain ample weight.  Because, as we all know, the Holidays were made for stuffing ourselves with as much food as humanly possible.


Animoca to develop games based off of Mr. Bean and Ultraman for Android

Android game developer Animoca have announced that they have secured the rights to develop two games for Android based off of two very different TV shows. One game will be based off of the British comedy series, which has also spawned movies as well, called Mr. Bean. The second game will be based off of the Japanese superhero Ultraman who has had numerous TV Shows, toys, and existing video games based off of him.