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Grab up Ducktales: Remastered for only $0.99 for a limited time

Ducktales, the classic NES and Gameboy games from Capcom from that was based on the Disney cartoon, was Remastered a few years back, for console systems current at the time, as well as mobile operating systems such as Android. Given the quality of the game, it’s not difficult to see why Disney and Capcom would be asking $9.99 for the game, nor that the original releases saw a million sales each. Fortunately, it’s now on sale for only $0.99.

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Disney releases a companion app for the Star Wars franchise

If you’re a big Star Wars fan than you pretty much want everything that is related to the franchise. Well Disney has released a companion app for the entire franchise in order to make it easier to follow everything relating to Star Wars as well as some other interesting features like a full sound board to play with. You will even get notifications on your phone the moment a big announcement is made, so you can read all the details right away.

Game Reviews

Disney Infinity Toybox: 2.0 Review : The Magic of Spending

Disney Infinity Toy Box: 2.0 has finally been released on Google Play, but how does it hold up on mobile? I’ve been playing around with the features the new-to-Android game offers up. Although I’ve been a Disney Infinity fan since the first game’s release, and pretty much a Disney fanatic since I was old enough to speak, I’m going to do my best as any decent game “journalist” (I use that term very loosely) would and give my honest opinion. 

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Android Game Sale Round-Up: Disney games, Dragon Quest titles, Botanicula and a lot more

Easter weekend is here and a lot of people have today off. This also means one thing… Android games going on sale! So as you can imagine, there are plenty of Android games on sale right now and a lot of them are really good. Handy Games is still going strong with their $0.15 sale, Square Enix has jumped into things by discounting a few Dragons Quest titles, and Disney is celebrating Easter with a bunch of games going on sale as well. That’s not mentioning all the other developers out there discounting their games for this holiday weekend.

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The Wonderful World of Disney Android Apps and Games

During the doldrums of winter, there is nothing better than taking a vacation to a warmer place. While I don’t have the luxury of traveling during the winter, Summer beckons along with a yet to be fully planned trip to a Disney resort. In the meantime Disney fans/geeks like me have to find ways to keep the magic alive. Of course I will always recommend some quality Disney gaming.

Game News

A Look At Club Penguin for Android

A few days ago the kid’s MMO Club Penguin was released for Android on Google Play.  When I was younger I  had played it a lot back when the game was new on web browsers around 2006, I’m older now but I can still see how Club Penguin has been able to maintain a fun family friendly world for children to play in.