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Cinemaware’s Rocket Ranger Reloaded gets fully funded on Kickstarter

Back in October of 2013 Cinemaware released their WWII adventure game Rocket Ranger onto Android. Not too long after that the company started a Kickstarter campaign in order to bring an enhanced version of this game to gamers which is called Rocket Ranger Reloaded. The good news is that the Kickstarter campaign was successful and the development for this game has been fully funded.

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Fire Quest – Age of Titans hits up Kickstarter for funding. Goal is to take down Clash of Clans.

It is one thing to make a game that ends up competing for the player base for a particular game or two. It is another thing altogether to develop a game with the goal to knock a specific title that is already released out of the first place spot for their genre. However that is exactly what Fire Quest – Age of Titans is aiming to do with Clash of Clans.

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DigitalD20 is looking to bring technology into the tabletop RPG scene without killing the Paper and Pen feeling

DigitalD20 is a company with a mission and that mission is to bring technology into the world of tabletop RPG gaming. They are hoping to accomplish this through the use of tablets and an overall platform of modules, a synchronized interface between players and the Game Master, interactive maps and more. We say “they are hoping” because currently this project is up on Kickstarter looking for additional funding.

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The Baen Project wants to turn your real car into a gaming peripheral

Technology is pretty wonderful these days, allowing us to pretty much do what we want with just about anything we want. This includes making games that use virtual reality, different objects as controllers, and various other wondrous things for us to enjoy as gamers. A new project is in the works to actually turn your car into a gaming peripheral of sorts. Welcome to the Baen Project.

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New video showcases the crafting mechanics in upcoming game Rogue Wizards

Rogue Wizards is an upcoming game is a promising looking upcoming game for Android that is currently up on Kickstarter looking for a little extra funding. Right now they have received about half of what their goal is, so just over $35,000 of the $70,000 they are hoping to get in funding. Today the developers have released a new video which showcases the crafting in the game which is done with Forgestone and Cauldron Systems.

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Rogue Wizards launches on Kickstarter, Praised by Diablo, Torchlight, Left 4 Dead, and Marvel Heroes Creators

We haven’t talked about a game going to Kickstarter for funding in awhile but today a new title is looking for funding and it looks very promising. Rogue Wizards RPG is the game and it is being developer by Spellbind Studios. This is their first game that will also be released onto multiple platforms (Android, iOS, PC) but the biggest aspect about this Kickstarter campaign is that it has praise from some seriously big people in the game industry: the creators of Diablo, Torchlight, Left 4 Dead, and Marvel Heroes.

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Legena: Union Tide Could Come to Android and Ouya Depending on its Kickstarter

Legena: Union Tide is an upcoming 2D turn-based RPG with visuals and gameplay inspired by the 16-bit generation. Currently the game’s developer, Grandpa Pixel, is looking for £5000 on Kickstarter in order to fund the game. Legena is aiming to provide a “bolder” story which involves two characters Tetiro Aceus and Atesan Turwin protecting a man known as Scholar from the “Narrator.”