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Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs Live game will give you a chance to win a car

Ubisoft’s companion app for their Watch Dogs game has essentially been turned into a game itself. Technically this is more of a game than an app although it really is a bit of both. Regardless of what exactly this application now is, Watch Dogs Live has undergone a soft launch in Canada to do some final testing before it launches worldwide. When that happens, if you’re at the top of the leaderboard when the game end, you’ll win a car.


Mobage releases Please Stay Calm, a location-based zombie survival MMORPG

Mobage generally releases games onto iOS and Android on a pretty consistent basis. Usually they are pretty decent titles, some are not so good while others are pretty good. Their newest title is called Please Stay Calm and is a location-based zombie survival MMORPG for Android. The story line actually takes place next year, 2014, so all your doomsday people out there, add next year to your calenders for the zombie apocalypse.


Ingress update brings with it Power Cube useability

The rather cool and popular location-based game Ingress has received a new update. For those of you out there who happen to be playing in the closed beta, a closed beta that has tons of players I might add, this update brings one feature in particular into the light finally, and by light we mean actually able to use them. Those are the Power Cubes.


Elves Quest Review: Exploring the ARG of Elves Quest

Elves Quest, by developer Cellap, is an interesting mobile game that attempts to work like an ARG, or augmented reality game. The world of ARGs is an interesting one because it’s so new and is still being developed and explored. Some games do a much better job of utilizing the real world than others, while most of them tend to basically overlay some gameplay on top of a Google map and that’s it.


Sacracy location-based Action-RPG gets a rather large update today

Sacracy RPG is an interesting game considering it is a location-based action-RPG but unlike other titles similar to this one, Sacracy has a layer of retro graphics over everything, making it feel and play like an actual retro RPG more than a location-based game most of the time. For those of you playing Sacracy, a rather large update has arrived today with plenty of goodies including two new maps with new quests.