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World of Tanks Blitz updated with a new line of British Tanks

Wargaming.net has pushed out a new update for their World of Tankz Blitz game that features a whole new line of British Tanks that have been added to the game. This will show up as a new branch within the British Tank tree and features new heavy tanks for you to eventually unlock and play with. This update is considered the first major release for World of Tank Blitz since the initial launch of the game.

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[Updated] The popular RPG series The Witcher is coming to mobile later this year as The Witcher: Battle Arena

If you are not familiar with the series (then you obviously have never met my brother..) it is a hack and slash style RPG based on the novels of Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. The mobile adaption takes the role playing game- something difficult to perfect on a mobile device, and turns it into a MOBA- a more sympathetic genre for tablets and phones.

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Arena of Heroes tactical MOBA now on Ouya, a console giveaway ensues

Back in June of this year we mentioned that a rather good looking tactical MOBA game called Arena of Heroes would be making its way to a variety of platforms including Android and Ouya. We the Ouya version of the game is now live and available for download for anyone who owns one of the Android-powered game consoles. To celebrate the launch of the game on Ouya, the developers are also giving away an Ouya as well as a bunch of secondary prizes as well.

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Riot looking for Android developers, possible League of Legends apps on the way?

We’ve always though that more major PC-based MMO games should be on mobile natively instead of having to DIY project things up a bit and streaming them to our tablets. While this isn’t about one of those games coming to mobile, this news does indicate a step in the right direction. It seems Riot Games is looking for Android and iOS developers with two new postings in their Careers section of their website.