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Coming soon to Android, new open world RPG called Exiled Kingdoms from 4 Dimension Games

Released by 4 Dimension Games, Exiled Kingdoms is a role playing game styled after the classics of yore. One century ago, during the fall of the Andorian Empire, was a magical disaster that opened up the world to nightmares that nearly annihilated mankind. Some survived by fleeing to a remote colony that was positioned on a dangerous island that has gone largely unexplored, and there they were unable to elect a new emperor.

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Ingress jumps ship from closed beta status to open beta

Google’s in-house studio NianticLabs has finally taken the jump, changing their location-based MMO Ingress from closed beta status to an open beta one. So what exactly does this mean? It means you don’t have to wait for an invitation in order to grab this rather in-depth game. Instead you can head over to Google Play and snag yourself a copy of Ingress right now for free without the need for an invite from a friend.

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Roccat’s new Power-Grid app now out. Turns your phone or tablet into a PC gaming peripheral

Roccat has been making PC gaming peripherals for awhile now and it seems the company wants a piece of the mobile action but not in the way you are probably thinking. While Roccat hasn’t jumped into making actual peripherals for mobile gaming, they have released an application they have been working on for awhile now that will turn your Android phone or tablet into a gaming peripheral.

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Fishlabs’s Galaxy On Fire – Alliances delayed till 2014, closed beta tester positions available now

Fishlabs has been working on the next installment into their Galaxy on Fire franchise officially called Galaxy On Fire – Alliances. While the game was originally slated for release this year, Fishlabs has announced that the game’s release has been delayed until sometime in 2014. The game is, however, currently running in a closed beta testing phase and an open beta phase is slated to start in November.

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[Updated] Exclusive: Want in on the Dead on Arrival 2 multiplayer beta? Well we’re the official hosts!

N3V Games and DroidGamers have teamed up to host the official open beta for the multiplayer gameplay for N3V Games upcoming title Dead on Arrival 2. We’ve talked about this game a few times in the past since we got wind of it, with the closed beta phases having been going on the past couple of months already. However it is time to expand and really test out the multiplayer gameplay for Dead on Arrival 2.