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Neverending Nightmares Review: Awesome in every way

Neverending Nightmares is a game that was released by Infitap Games. It’s a game that is very simple to play, control wise, but is rich with content. The visuals, the soundtrack, the content, all flow together seamlessly, to make something that is compelling, and maybe even more than a game. This game was disturbing, compelling, and beyond both: extremely enjoyable. Let’s see why.


Super Heavy Sword Review: In short, don’t bother, at least not right now.

This is the type of review that I’m not happy to write. Super Heavy Sword is an extremely disappointing game, yet seems to have so much potential. For all I know, it very well could be living up to it, but the game has a bug that precludes me from getting far enough into the game, to really get a feel for what it could be; this is to say nothing of other critiques that I will offer as well. So here is my review, for what I could play.


Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath Review. A console port done right.

Oddworld is a successful video game franchise that has been released by a handful of developers, and has been around nearly twenty years on various platforms, with this game debuting for the original Xbox in 2005. This was a franchise that I’d heard of and was vaguely familiar with, yet hadn’t experienced any (coming in “clean”, in essence). I was looking forward to reviewing this one when I saw that it went on sale, so let’s see what I walked away with.


[UPDATED: Game on Sale] Ittle Dew Review: Maze Adventure done right

Ittle Dew (think “It’ll Do”) is what was once referred to as a maze adventure (well before Action RPG was around). Styled after the Legend of Zelda series (at least the older ones that favor the top-down perspective), Ludosity manages to both tip its hat to the classic franchise, as well as fashion a game that is great in its own right. It walks that proverbial tightrope easily.


Deus Ex: The Fall review: great game with few flaws

Deus Ex: The Fall is a First Person Shooter from Square Enix. There’s more to this game though, as fans of the series can attest. The game includes elements of stealth, computer hacking, RPG customizations, and moral decisions within the gameplay. The story also has several different threads to it: crooked pharmaceutical companies, whistleblowers, rogue paramilitary groups, assassinations, human augmentation, and more. All in all, it makes for an intriguing story.


Hamstrong Castle Run Review: Cuteness goes a long way.

The runner is a portable gaming genre that’s been recycled so heavily that it’s less of a dead horse and more of a stud genocide. It makes sense given the limitations of a touch screen that removing a directional pad would improve platform gaming. For every Temple Run, there’s countless droves of imitators or corporate tie-ins that bloat the market and give critics the right to say it’s not a legitimate gaming console.


Land Air Sea Warfare RTS review. Falling very short, but shows some good potential as well

As we mentioned a few weeks back, Land Air Sea Warfare (LASW) is an RTS game that was originally released on desktops, followed by iOS, and eventually Android. After playing, and at times enjoying, LASW, this game isn’t ready for “prime time”. I have a soft spot for this genre, and this high hopes for this game. While the developer seems to have added some ways to make it easier to move masses of units quickly (a must on touch-based hardware such as phones and tablet), there are too many flaws and oversights to justify the In-App Purchasing price of $4.99.