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Running Twister Save your Love sprints onto Android

In this game, players assume the role of Fracy, pursuing his love interest Mery. During his trip, a tornado arrives and causes all sorts of damage at a nearby chemical factory that experiments on animals. In doing so, all sorts of unnatural creatures are released, and impede Fracy from his goal. All of Fracy’s clothing were sucked away in the tornado, as well as one of the creatures abducting Mery.

Game News

Help paint your own comic strips in Brutus & Futée, now available for $2,99

Enjoy reading comics in the Sunday paper, maybe as a kid? I sure did. Well, in Brutus & Futée, the eponymous protagonists are a pair of comic strip characters that entered retirement after their creator mysteriously disappeared. Bored in retirement and longing for the more adventurous days of starring in a strip, they end up experiencing the type of prank that a creator might perform on them, in a strip.

Game Reviews

Limbo Review: An incredible side-scroller with very few faults

Limbo is a 2D side-scrolling game released by Playdead. The premise of the game is simple, bordering on basic: players assume the role of an unnamed boy searching for his sister who’s apparently lost in Limbo. While this is fine enough of a reason (excuse?) to go off on a grand adventure, it isn’t mentioned in the game at ALL, but rather pulled from the game’s Google Play page. And to clarify this point, there was no prologue, cut scenes, epilogue, narration, subtitles, or any thing else that would advance a narrative. No story, but for the byline found on Google Play. The thing is though, this game is so good that I didn’t care. Also, not only is this the closest thing I have to a complaint, it’s my sole one at that.

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Dot Heroes: Woop Woop Ninja is now on Android

Created by Ariano Games, Dot Heroes: Woop Woop Ninja is a Floppy Birds clone, with an RPG twist. There isn’t much of a story to speak of, so I’ll describe the gameplay. Players control a little black dot that wears a red headband. At the start of the game, and each subsequent level (so far as I played), the dot flies/falls through the air, inky contrail and all, only moving upward when the screen is tapped.