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Hardware News

Razer finally makes their Turret Bluetooth gaming keyboard and mouse combo available for purchase

If you’ve been following our site for at least a year, then you might remember us talking about the Razer Turret back during CES 2015. Back during that show we sat down with Razer to try out the then new Razer ForgeTV along with a couple of different new Bluetooth peripherals, those being the Sevral Controller and the Turret lapboard and mouse combo. Well after over a year of additional development, the Turret is now finally available for purchase.

Game News

Nvidia Is Offering Seven Games Up to 66% Off For A Limited Time During April Sale

April is here and with it brings another selection of Nvidia Shield games you can pick up at significant discounts during Nvidia’s April game sale. From Thursday, April 14th until Sunday, April 17th you can purchase over a dozen titles on sale, which includes both Android games on Nvidia Shield and games that can be purchased and streamed via Nvidia’s cloud-based game streaming service, GeForce Now. Here is a look at what’s on sale this month during Nvidia’s four-day game sale.

Game News

[Update: Winner Selected] Enter for a chance to win an Nvidia Shield Android TV, Shield Remote, Stand, and a copy of Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings

It’s time for another giveaway and for this one it is a straight up Nvidia Shield package with a few extra goodies and a copy of the newly released Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings game. This way, you will not only have a brand new Nvidia Shield Android TV unit, but you will also have a Shield Remote, the metal stand for your new Shield unit, and a fresh new game to crack it all open with.

Game News

Square Enix’s detective adventure, Murdered: Soul Suspect, is now streaming on Nvidia Shield

As we mentioned a week or so ago, Square Enix has been gearing up to release a few games on Nvidia’s GeForce Now service. Today sees another one making its debut which is Murdered: Soul Suspect. This is the gripping tale of a ghost detective attempting to solve his own murder, and it’s now available to stream on Nvidia Shield devices using GeForce Now.

Game News

Nvidia has eight Shield games on sale for a limited time

Nvidia, maker of a the Shield Android TV unit, Shield tablet, and the Shield Portable, also offer games that take direct advantage of their hardware, either linking to Google Play, or offering them through their own through streaming service called GeForce Now. With the latter, any purchase of premium priced games from there is also accompanied by a Steam code, for offline play. Through the end of this month, there’s a small group of games that NVidia has placed on sale.