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Hardware News

Smartboy accessory by Hyperkin can turn your phone into a functional Gameboy

As a kid, I remember enjoying a few different types, be they the Tiget handhelds, my brother’s Game Gear, or Nintendo’s Gameboy, all of which (plus more later) enabled gaming “on the go. Hyperkin is a company that has been working on an emulator that runs Gameboy games, and is dubbed the Smartboy. “Big Deal!”, I might hear you say. Well, it might interest you, dear skeptic, to know that this emulator is different from just downloading and running ROMs in two ways.

Game News

Nintendo 64 and Playstation Portable game emulators find working homes on Android Wear

We have already seen some pretty interesting games getting ported onto Android Wear watches, with most being playable but barely due to the screen size mainly. Still, it is always cool to see games like Half-Life showing up on an Android Wear watch, even if it is a proof-of-concept more than anything else. The latest additions to this sort of thing actually happens to be two emulators, one for Nintendo 64 games and the other being for Playstation Portable titles.

Game News

Want the new rare Galaxy S6 card back for Hearthstone, without buying a Galaxy S6? Here’s how.

Hearthstone is Blizzard’s popular virtual CCG for multiple platforms including mobile handsets that’s based on the World of Warcraft universe. Recently, Blizzard released a custom card back that was made exclusively available for those playing the game on a Galaxy S6. If you don’t have a Galaxy S6, but you’re OCD about collecting every card back in the game, that means there will always be one missing from your collection… or does it?