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Game News

It’s official apparently, Razer now owns the Android console maker Ouya

Well E3 2015 has barely started and already there have been some very good announcements for mobile gamers already, with Torchlight Mobile being announced last week still being one of the top 3 game announcements for mobile, and the week is barely underway! So everything is looking very promising for us mobile gamers. However, there have been some surprising announcements already as well, and one of those is that it appears that Razer has officially purchased Ouya.

Hardware News

The OSVR Headset will be getting Leap Motion’s hand-tracking sensor this Summer

There is certainly plenty of options when it comes to Virtual Reality headsets these days and we aren’t even a full three months into this year. One of the newer ones on the scene that has been receiving a lot of interest lately is the OSVR Headset. OSVR stands for Open Source Virtual Reality and, as the name implies, is completely open source from the hardware to the software and everything in between.

Hardware News

Razer’s wearable tech called the Nabu X has a second round of pre-orders going live tomorrow

Razer’s entry into the wearable technology sector, outside of the newly announce VR headset of theirs, is a wristband called the Nabu X which was originally announced back in June of 2014. For those of you who missed the first round of pre-orders for US/Canada, tomorrow the 2nd round will start as well as the first round for European residents interested in snagging one of these.

Hardware News

[CES2015] Hands-on with Razer’s Forge TV, Sevral Controller and Turret Lapboard

Today Razer announced their solution to bringing PC and Android games to the big screen with their Forge TV set top box. The company is describing this as a game and entertainment console since it isn’t just made for straight gameplay but also to use services like Netflix, YouTube, and other more entertainment based applications. Along with the unveiling of Forge TV, Razer also unveiled their new Bluetooth controller called Serval and the Turret Lapboard and mouse combo.

Hardware News

Razer opens up beta testing for their wearable technology called the Nabu

Today marks the first official day the door are open for E3 2014 and while yesterday was the official press conference day, today begins where a lot of the news actually comes out of the event. Well-known gaming peripheral maker Razer announced back in the beginning of this year that they were working on some wearable technology of their own called the Nabu. Today the company has announced their plans for beta testing this technology.