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Nvidia puts a large amount of games on sale up to 80% off for the holidays

Nvidia, the gaming hardware company, features games that run well on their hardware, and sometimes exclusively so. Like many other companies, they’re offering deep discounts on many of these games. Some of them are native to Android, while others must be steamed using their subscription service called GeForce Now. And do make note of the fact that any games purchased through GeForce Now also comes with a redemption code from either Steam or GOG, so the games can still be enjoyed offline, and independently of the streaming service, albeit on a PC.

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Island Delta: Solving Puzzles with a Gravity Gun, coming soon from Noodlecake

Noodlecake is synonymous with great mobile games, and they’ve proven it yet again with developer Mantisbite’s gorgeous new retro-futuristic sci fi game Island Delta. Island Delta is an isometric action-adventure puzzle-solving game in which the two heroes, demolitions expert Baxter and tech specialist Zoe, must make their way through their nemesis, Dr. Gunderson’s, dangerous island on a rescue mission.

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Save the nation of Verdia from a vicious enemy onslaught in HAWK: Freedom Squad, landing early 2017

Are you ready to take up arms in defense of Verdia? My.com surely believes so. The Moscow-based developer has unveiled the first details on its upcoming vertical shoot ‘em up game, HAWK: Freedom Squadron. Pilots will take the fight to the merciless invaders who have dared attack the great nation of Verdia in a massive campaign spanning more than 100 air combat missions. Along the way, the story of Verdia’s defense against its vicious attackers will be revealed, and players will come in contact with a variety of foes, friends, and unique airplanes to fly.