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Kids can now mix their own music in Crayola DJ, now available on Google Play

Created by Legacy Games, Crayola has released a new app for kids to enjoy. Crayola DJ is an app that allows kids, ages 6-10 (according to the press release), to be DJs using touch controls. Players will be able to crossfade, mix, tempo-slide, and scratch to their heart’s content. There are five different styles of music, distributed over the near 100 exclusive tracks, that range from Hip Hop, to Pop, to Dance, and more.

Game News

Drop That Beat gives you a chance to win tickets to events while playing it

Drop That Beat is a sort of rhythm-based game where players will be keeping their finger on your phone or tablet while listening to EDM music and when you think the DJ will ‘drop the beat’ in the particular song you happen to be listening to, that is when you remove your finger from your mobile device, as close to it as possible. There’s a couple of unique features with this game, one being that you can actually win tickets to live events.

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DittoBeat is a blend of Simon and rhythm-based gaming, out now on Android

DittoBeat is a new rhythm-based game that is now available on Google Play. Unlike a lot of rhythm-based games that have constantly changing content that you need to perform an action to the beat that is going on, this new game has you basically playing a Simon-style game, but doing it to the beat of the music. This does add a new level of difficulty to the whole Simon type of gameplay.

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Guitar Hero going “mobile” with their next release, coming this fall

Activision has announced that they have a new iteration of Guitar Hero coming out in autumn of this year. In addition to being released on the expected platforms (PS3/4, XBox 360/One, Wii U, et al), they also said the game would be fully “...Guitar Hero goingmobile” with their next release, this fallPlayable on Consoles, Tablets and Mobile Phones“, albeit for “select models”. This is pretty big news, that they aren’t promising a stripped down version for mobile. They showed off how the new game is supposed to work with a new trailer.

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Ragna the Bloodedge from BlazBlue has a special attack which now has its own rhythm game

It isn’t often we get to report on a special move a character has from whatever franchise getting its own rhythm-based game. Actually, it has never happened until today. Ragna the Bloodedge from BlazBlue has a special attack called Dead Spike-san which has somehow become popular enough in itself to warrant a spin-off rhythm-based game called EatBeat DeadSpike-san.